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At the heart of what we do is the motivation to make roads not just safer - but greener.


For example, our cutting edge and innovative products can help clients reduce their reliance on traditional models of expensive to operate and environmentally damaging electric lighting systems. By installing a combination of our world class "active" and "passive" road studs and 'raised pavement markers' (RPM's), highway and road network operators can dispense with outdated and costly electrically powered illumination systems; partially, or completely.


Our active solar powered 'Solarlite' LED road studs can be seen up to 900m away (up to 10 times more than traditional 'cats eyes') and have an operational lifespan of approximately 10 years. This longevity greatly assists in reducing maintenance costs, which also results in further reducing harmful carbon emissions.


Our passive retro-reflective 'Allux' RPM's are made of recycled aluminium. This allows our clients to support their own sustainability objectives. Both 'Allux' and our '301' heavy duty RPM's are commonly seen on the United Kingdom's many road and motorway networks and all our road studs and RPM's offer a thoroughly tried and tested means of enhancing lane delineation.

                                      10 x Visibility = 10 x More stopping power

                Solarlite road studs are proven to reduce night-time accidents by up to 70%

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