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The 301 raised pavement marker (RPM) is the road stud most prevalent on British roads and motorways - the undisputed 'Heavy Weight' champion of the road marker world, weighing in at a whopping 4kg. Over two million of them are currently in operation throughout Britain. The 301 is a combination of a virtually indestructible cast iron base, within which, a 290 3M thermoplastic stud is simply inserted. The iron 'housing' completely protects the inserted 290 and it is a relatively simple operation to replace the insert, as and when necessary, after about 5-10 years of heavy usage. The 301 represents incredible value for money and is the ideal candidate for projects where heavy duty road studs are called for. The 290 3M thermoplastic inserts are used extensively in hot tropical climates, such as Florida, and are one of the most commonly used RPM's around the world.

301 'Passive' retro-reflective Raised Pavement Marker


Raised profile increases reflectivity (more than traditional passive depressible road studs) 

Extremely low maintenance costs 

An average lifespan of between 5- 10 years 

Snow plough resilient 

Easy to replace the 290 insert

Full range of colours: white, red ,amber and green (uni/bi-directional)

All weather road marking and delineation solution 


Utilises traditional milling machines for installation 

Extremely durable and impact resistant

Very affordable 

Proven usage in many international markets - over 2 million installed units in the UK

Quick installation once adhesive sets

Usage: on major highways and road systems where heavy traffic is common 


Approved for all road usage to BSEN1463 standards 

Height: 18mm above road surface 

Dimensions: 180mm x 142mm 

Embedded permanent  P3A PRPI Road Stud with plastic micro prismatic  lenses 

High quality cast iron base manufactured in the UK

3M thermoplastic inserts designed to operate at high temperatures

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