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Designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom and type approved by the UK Department of Transport, Solarlite road studs are our flagship product for projects where nothing but the very best will do. The 'Rolls Royce' of road markers; these high quality solar road studs only take 2-3 hours to fully operate and will function up to 4 days on a single charge. Solarlite studs have even been successfully installed in countries such as Sweden with limited sun light. Given South East Asia is blessed with sun shine all year round, Solarlite road studs are the perfect option for our clients in the region looking for sustainable delineation solutions.



Up to 900m of visibility 

UK designed and manufactured with a lifespan of 8-10 years

Flush, low profile design, makes Solarlite road studs ideal for cycle, motorcycle and walking paths as well as for central delineation on major roads

Maintenance free

Full range of colours white, red, amber, blue and green (uni/bi directional) 

8 hours of sunlight produces 240 hours of illumination

Totally sustainable, harnessing the power of free solar energy


Proven reduction in night time accidents of over 70% in UK installations

Highly durable and impact resilient

10 times greater visibility over traditional reflective road studs

Enhanced visibility where vision reduced by fog, rain, or surface spray 

Suitable for all roads, concrete/asphalt surfaces

Highlights bends, dips and other road hazards


UK Department for Transport type approved (SFSmK4/BSEN1463 - for road and Highway use). 

Installed manually by traditional milling/coring machine 

Dimensions: 101mmx101mmx18.6mm (4"x4"x0.75")

Weight: 190g (6.7oz)

LED: Uni/Bi-directional, 100Hz

Activation: Auto sensor @ approx., 100 Lux

Time to full charge: 3 hours @ 100+ Lux (sunny day)

Operating temperature: -20 degrees Celsius, to 60 degrees Celsius

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